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The office is organized into several units, each of which provides services to the City and its residents.


CityGeo, also known as the Data Management and Geographic Information Systems Group, governs data creation, collection, and analysis at the City. They develop and maintain data portals and applications. They also advance geospatial technology as a method for data analysis.

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The Communications Team uses traditional media, social media, and web and creative services to share OIT’s best practices. The team promotes OIT’s leadership among municipal technology offices. They prioritize outreach to local and national media. They also conduct outreach to institutional and resident stakeholders interested in technology.

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Creative Services

The Creative Services Team manages the City’s intranet presence. They use print design, digital graphics, video production, and animation design to create content for City departments. This team also manages PHLgovTV (formerly Channel 64), the City’s government access channel.

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Digital Services

The Digital Services Team focuses on developing accessible, intuitive digital services for the public. The team designs new content and components for, the City’s web presence. It also provides user experience and content strategy for web applications.

Enterprise Architecture and Platform Engineering

The Enterprise Architecture Group defines the digital structure and operation for OIT and the City at large. The team applies consistent standards and requirements to the City’s business applications and the platforms that support them. They create a unified digital structure across City departments.

Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration Team manages OIT’s budget, administers contracts, and coordinates purchasing. The team works with other departments to address their technology needs. They strive to make the City’s technology operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible. 

Human Resources and Talent Recruitment

The Human Resources and Talent Recruitment Team recruits and supports a diverse, talented workforce. The team seeks to retain and develop these employees at OIT. They also perform the many transactional responsibilities involved in hiring and managing employees.

Information Security

The Information Security Team monitors the City’s digital security. They lead a coordinated response to security incidents. The team leads the development of security policies and procedures. They also use an enterprise-level strategy to secure the City’s information and digital assets.  

Network Communications

The Network Communications Teams maintain real-time access to the City’s business and communications systems. These teams offer end-user services, infrastructure support, and network-based communications. They ensure continuity and reliability for the City’s technology environment. 

Project and Performance Management

The Project and Performance Management Team handles project planning, development, execution, and evaluation for City business applications. The team manages projects at an enterprise level to ensure that they are timely and cost-effective.

Public Safety Technology

The Public Safety Unit supports technology development and maintenance among the City’s public safety departments. This includes the Police Department, Fire Department, and Department of Prisons. The team also manages hardware and software to support the City’s 911 systems.

Public Technology and Innovation

The Public Technology and Innovation Team promotes innovation in City government and makes technology more accessible and useful to the public. Internally, the team empowers the City and its employees to think creatively. The team’s external work focuses on the intersection between smart cities and digital equity.

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Software Engineering

The Software Engineering Team creates world-class software, including web-based applications, that solves real-world problems for business stakeholders, City employees, and Philadelphia residents through modern, agile processes and human-centered design.