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Public Technology and Innovation Team

Changing the way government thinks and works.

What we do

Our team enables creative government and offers residents equitable access to technology and services. Our guiding principles are to:

  1. Try new things and improve old ones.
  2. Help people access and use technology.
  3. Build capacity to help government solve problems.
  4. Improve public services for our residents.

We work to:

  • Provide cross departmental support for greater efficiency, equity, and quality.
  • Develop a public sector culture that encourages employees to think and work differently.
  • Advance public technology through digital equity, smart cities, and inclusive communications.
  • Establish relationships with academia and the corporate sector to support workforce needs, research and development, and awareness.

Our programs include DigitalEquityPHL and SmartCityPHL. We partner closely with the Digital Services, Creative Services, and Communications teams within the Office of Innovation and Technology (OIT), and we also work to develop the City's innovation ecosystem.


1234 Market St.
18th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Our programs


Andrew Buss
Andrew Buss
Deputy CIO for Public Technology and Innovation
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Name Job title Phone #
Miriam Cherayil Smart Infrastructure Program Manager
Juliet Fink-Yates Broadband and Digital Inclusion Manager
Kelsey Hubbell Communications, Outreach, and Engagement Manager
Akshay Malik Smart Cities Director
Aidan McLaughlin Broadband and Smart Cities Project Manager
Kyle Odum Director of Creative Services
Stephanie Orlando Innovation Manager
Ashley Pollard Digital Inclusion Manager
Chris Shelley Smart Mobility Coordinator
Tara Woody Innovation Manager
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