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City of Philadelphia

Project Financing

Working closely with the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation  (PIDC), Commerce manages public and private resources that are used to leverage even greater investments from for-profit and non-profit organizations.
Through PIDC, the City offers a broad range of financing incentives, such as below-market loans, grants, and tax-exempt financing designed to encourage economic growth in Philadelphia.

Financing is generally targeted to close the financing gap for capital projects (building acquisition and renovation, new construction, machinery and equipment) that retain or grow employment in Philadelphia. Financing offered through PIDC is not intended as a primary lending tool, it is often used when the borrower is not able to fully fund the project with private debt and equity. PIDC financing is available to for-profit and non-profit corporations both small and large.

Philadelphia Maps

Use a searchable map to find permit history, zoning, and community information for any Philadelphia address.