City of Philadelphia: City Requirements
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City of Philadelphia

City Requirements

The City purchases products and services from hundreds of businesses every year. Doing business with the City is a good opportunity for your business.

There are a number of requirements for businesses to understand. Every contract will have specific requirements of performance and reporting, but additionally the City has adopted policies that ensure the inclusion of Minority, Women and Disabled Owned Enterprises in City contracting.

  • The City is committed to ensuring that at least 25% of contracts for the City are fulfilled by Minority, Women, or Disabled Owned Enterprises. Registered M/W/DSBEs receive a number of benefits in the City contracting process, as well as the City’s for-profit and nonprofit partners. 
  • Businesses that wish to do business with the City, but do not qualify as M/W/DSBEs, are strongly encouraged to seek out M/W/DSBE suppliers as a portion of their contracts. 
    • Use the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) Registry to seek out certified, City-approved M/W/DSBEs
    • Seek out M/W/DSBEs that are certified by one of the City-recognized certifying agencies 
    • Advertise contract opportunities in media sources that target minority populations
    • Conduct outreach through nonprofit organizations that serve M/W/DSBEs
  • City contracts greater than $250,000 require an Economic Opportunity Plan 
  • The City requires that businesses with City Contracts pay employees prevailing wages.