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City of Philadelphia

Labor Standards

Comply with City Labor Standards

When a business receives a contract with the City, that business may be required to comply with the City’s labor standards and wage regulations. Qualifying businesses must pay prevailing wages to all employees. In order to demonstrate compliance, businesses submit weekly payroll reports which are monitored by the Office of Labor Standards.

Business will also receive regular on-site visits from Wage Compliance Officers. Full instructions and regulations are included within the business’ contract with the City. For questions, contact the Bureau of Labor Standards at 683-5492 or email.

In an effort to make the prevailing wage process simpler, the City is testing an electronic system called LCP Tracker. This system simplifies the compliance process by allowing contractors to submit their certified payrolls electronically.

What is Prevailing Wage?

A prevailing wage is a rate of pay determined by the U.S. Department of Labor based upon the particular geographic area for a given class of labor and type of project.

Federal law requires all employers engaged in the performance of federal contracts to pay "prevailing" wages to their workers. This ensures that nonunion employers cannot gain an unfair bidding advantage by paying wages far below the union rate and passing the savings on to the government in lower bids.

The Davis-Bacon Act, the McNamara-O'Hara Service Contract Act, and the Walsh-Healy Act are the primary laws governing federally funded construction projects in the private sector.

Office of Labor Standards

Employees who believe they are not receiving fair wages contact the Office of Labor Standards at:

Office of Labor Standards
Municipal Services Building
1401 JFK Blvd., Room 170C
Philadelphia, PA 19102

215-683-5492 or Email