City of Philadelphia: Economic Opportunity Plan Requirements
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City of Philadelphia

Economic Opportunity Plan Requirements

An Economic Opportunity Plan (EOP) is a document that provides a written commitment by the contractor to use best and good faith efforts to provide opportunities for Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (MBE), Women-Owned Business Enterprises (WBE) and Disabled-Owned Business Enterprises (DSBE) to participate in all phases of the project or contract. The plan outlines outreach and hiring activities, as well as specific goals for ensuring the inclusion of Minority, Women and Disabled Owned Enterprises.

All City contracts larger than $100,000 require an Economic Opportunity Plan

According to Section 17-1603 (2) of The Philadelphia Code, an Economic Opportunity Plan is required whenever a company is pursuing or enters into a development project or contract with the City exceeding $100,000. Some City Departments may also require an Economic Opportunity Plan for contracts under $100,000.

Non-Profits seeking to do business with the City

The City annually spends a substantial percentage of its contract dollars with non-profit organizations and expects these organizations to share the City’s commitment to supplier diversity and workforce inclusion. The City requires that any non-profit with a city contract make a best and good faith effort to do business with and purchase from Minority, Women and Disabled-Owned business enterprises. In order to demonstrate to the City’s satisfaction that a nonprofit has a commitment to maintaining a diverse workforce and board of directors a non-profit possessing a City contract must:
  • Have a written diversity program which identifies the race, gender of its workforce, and ethnic and gender composition of its board of directors;
  • A list of all vendors that the non-profit does business with in its M/W/DSBE procurement program;
  • A statement of the geographic area(s) where its services are most concentrated

EOP Assistance

A member of the Office of Economic Opportunity team will assist businesses in developing the contents of an Economic Opportunity Plan to ensure compliance with local regulations. To obtain assistance in completing an Economic Opportunity Plan, contact the Office of Economic Opportunity at 215.683.2100.