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City of Philadelphia

Registration Benefits

The City purchases products and services from hundreds of businesses every year. The City is committed to ensuring that at least 25% of contracts for the City are fulfilled by Minority, Women, or Disabled Owned Enterprises.
The Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) works with the Philadelphia business community to build internal and external alliances with Minority ("MBE"), Women ("WBE") or Disabled ("DSBE") owned business enterprises (collectively "M/W/DSBEs”), with the City of Philadelphia, private industries, and the non-profit sector, to help develop and promote these companies. Registered M/W/DSBEs receive preference in the City contracting process, as well as the City’s for-profit and nonprofit partners.

If your company plans to bid on City of Philadelphia contracts and you qualify as Minority, Woman, and/or Disabled owned enterprise, it is to your benefit to register with the Office of Economic Opportunity. City departments use the OEO registry when purchasing goods and services.


  • What is Minority/Women/Disabled Enterprise (M/W/DSBE) certification?
  • What is OEO registration?
  • What are the benefits of being certified/registered with the City of Philadelphia?
  • How do I become certified?
  • How do I become registered with the Office of Economic Opportunity?

Do Business with the City

1. Become M/W/DSBE certified
2. Join the OEO Registry
3. Use the City’s procurement websites to grow your business