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City of Philadelphia

Workforce Development

Businesses require a talented and competent workforce in order to be successful. The Commerce Department assists businesses in identifying employees that meet their needs and requirements. We work closely with Philadelphia Works in order to ensure that businesses and job-seekers are well-matched.

Philadelphia Job Commission: In 2012, the City of Philadelphia formed a Jobs Commission to determine what City government can do to create and retain private sector jobs for City residents. The Department of Commerce has an active role in the Jobs Commission. The Commission produced a report with fifteen recommendations to bolster Philadelphia’s workforce.

First Source Policy

First Source Policy requires businesses that receive City contracts over a certain dollar amount to seek out employees on the Job WORKS database before using other avenues to hiring. The Commerce Department works in conjunction with Job WORKS to implement this program.

Graduate! Philadelphia

The City supports efforts to increase college graduation rates though Graduate! Philadelphia, a nonprofit organization working to increase the number of adults with college degrees in Greater Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Works

Philadelphia Works is the public workforce agency in Philadelphia and connects employers to a skilled workforce and help individuals develop the skills needed to thrive in the workplace. We can help you expand your business by helping you find, train, and in some cases, subsidize new employees.