Throughout the Eastwick: From Recovery to Resilience initiative, the Office of Sustainability has listened to quality-of-life concerns from Eastwick residents. For all non-emergency concerns, your first resource should always be Philly311. However, for some City services, there are additional resources to help answer your questions! This blog features frequently asked questions and links to City services that can help resolve local quality-of-life concerns, including potholes and sewer inlet issues. At the end of this blog, you will find instructions on how to submit and track a 311 ticket online or via the mobile app.

How to report certain concerns


Concerns about potholes can be reported via 311 or online.

Street paving

Visit StreetSmartPHL and use the PavePHL tool to view plans for paving in Philadelphia. For general information about the paving process, timing, and how to sign up for notifications about paving in your area, visit the Department of Streets website.

Traffic signs

If you believe your neighborhood would benefit from one of the following: a “Do not enter” sign, one-way sign, parking-related sign, new stop sign, street name sign, other traffic control sign, sign pole stump removal, or a study for a speeding problem, submit a request online.

In the event that a traffic light is experiencing an outage or working incorrectly, report the problem with a traffic light online. These problems include: one or more bulbs out (note bulb color in comments), one or more bulbs flashing, one or more bulbs stuck on, signal malfunctioning, signal turned the wrong way, signal knocked down, pole leaning, pole missing base, or wires exposed.

Requests for new stop lights can be mailed to:

Chief Traffic Engineer
Department of Streets
Room 980
Municipal Services Building
1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19102


To report a problem with street or alley lighting such as: broken bulbs, lights that are on at the wrong time, flickering lights, broken or leaning light poles, downed or sparking wires, submit the service request form or call 311. All neighborhoods including Eastwick will receive new LED streetlights as part of the Philly Streetlight Improvement Project (PSIP). These new lights last longer and increase energy efficiency, while boosting visibility and decreasing the wait times for replacement. The schedule for LED light installations is updated every two weeks. Check the PSIP webpage for their two-week lookahead map!


Priority corridors such as 84th Street, Lindbergh Boulevard, and Island Avenue are currently swept quarterly. Registered block captains can contact the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee at (215) 685-3971 to request “No littering” signs.


Report illegal dumping online, or call 311. Cameras to monitor dumping have been placed in the neighborhood, but their location is not published. Requests for additional cameras can be made to your local Councilmember.


Street trees are trees on your sidewalk or other public right-of-ways like road medians. Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR) manages these street trees, but they are owned by the property owner. To request pruning or removal of hazardous street trees, call (215) 685-4363, (215) 685-4362, or complete the street tree maintenance form. PPR will not remove healthy trees or trees on private property. To learn more, visit the Street Tree Frequently Asked Questions page. To request service for trees located in parks or on vacant land, call 311.

Sewer inlet issues

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) continues to inspect and maintain inlets designated as “hotspots” in Eastwick before storm events. Inlets on the hotspot list are checked pre- and post-storm and are maintained (cleaned) as needed. PWD inspects inlets both pre- and post-storm because the aftereffect of storms often leaves the inlets or grates full of debris.

Call PWD at (215) 685-6300 to report roadway locations that are flooded or inlets in need of maintenance. Visit PWD’s blog to learn more about how to report water-related issues.

How to report to 311

Reports to Philly311 can be made over the phone by dialing 311. If you have a smart phone, 311 has created a helpful video tutorial on how to use the mobile app. If you prefer to use a computer browser, the Clean Air Council has shared a tutorial showing viewers how to make reports on the 311 website using illegal dumping as an example.

How to check your report status

After you submit a 311 service request, locate the service request number in the confirmation email sent by Philly311. Copy and paste that number into the tracking tool to check the status of your request. If you made a request while logged into your 311 account, your requests can be found by visiting the Philly311 website and clicking “My Submitted” on the right-hand side of the page.

As a part of the Eastwick: From Recovery to Resilience Initiative, Eastwick residents are encouraged to forward the Service Request Number and confirmation email from their 311 tickets to the Place-Based Initiatives team by emailing