PHILADELPHIA— A key gathering place in Germantown is getting a facelift.

Reconstruction of Maplewood Mall is set to begin on November 18. The renovated mall is expected to attract more people, provide more customers for businesses and create employment opportunities for residents.

“By the end of next year, this area will be completely refurbished, turning Maplewood Mall into a centerpiece for the people who live, work, and shop here,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “The new Maplewood Mall will be a pedestrian-friendly gathering space for all of Germantown and its visitors to enjoy festivals, events, block parties, and more.”

The project includes seating, pedestrian lights, sidewalks with street trees, landscaping, and public art. The roadway will be reconstructed, and a new water service main will be installed. The revamped mall will serve as an anchor for the revitalization of Central Germantown.

“The Maplewood Mall reconstruction is a win-win project for local businesses and the men and women who patronize them,” said Councilmember Bass who represents Philadelphia’s Eighth District.  “Neighborhood residents will feel safer and more secure while shopping in this attractive, well-lit environment. Enhanced pedestrian and public transportation to the Mall will encourage more merchants to open stores, creating more job opportunities.”

Maplewood Mall and its businesses will remain open during construction. Access to businesses and homes will continue. Work will be done in sections to minimize disruption. A project inspector will be available during construction to answer questions from residents and businesses.

The project will begin with the replacement of the water service main in December. Improvements to both plazas and to the roadway and sidewalk areas will follow. This work is scheduled to begin in the winter and be completed in fall 2020. Landscaping and public art will be the final elements of the project. They will be constructed and installed once the other work is complete.

The mall improvements are part of the City’s ongoing investment in Germantown. They follow a $1 million upgrade to nearby Vernon Park. Reconstruction of the transit plaza at Chelten and Greene will begin in November, improving the transit experience and creating a new gateway to Vernon Park.

The work also reflects the City’s commitment to commercial corridors. In addition to this capital improvement, the Commerce Department:

  • Offers grants to help businesses improve their storefronts, making them more inviting to customers
  • Offers grants for businesses to install security cameras, helping improve safety in the area
  • Provides funds for corridor managers (including a full-time manager at Germantown United CDC) to provide hands-on support to neighborhood businesses

The project is a result of a joint effort between stakeholders in Germantown and the Philadelphia Commerce Department, Philadelphia City Planning Commission, Philadelphia Water Department, Philadelphia Streets Department, and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. The cost is $3.3 million. It is funded through the City’s capital budget. The contractor is JPC Group, Inc.

Project renderings are available upon request.