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Civic Design Review

Civic Design Review is a review process for projects that meet certain thresholds described in the revised zoning code that went into effect on August 22, 2012. For consideration, these projects will require meetings with a community stakeholder group and an advisory design board appointed by the Mayor. To understand which conditions will trigger a Civic Design Review, see the excerpt from the Zoning Administrative Manual, "My project requires a Civic Design Review". To understand what constitutes a meeting with a community stakeholder group follow this link for RCO Meetings under the Zoning Code.
For a complete description of the Civic Design Review process, follow these links for the introductory Civic Design Review Brochure which details submission requirements. 

To make a submission, follow this link to the CDR Application Form. For the required Complete Streets checklist for City Planning Commission and Civic Design Reviews, follow this link to the Planning Commission Complete Streets Handbook Checklist.
To view the CDR application of projects submitted for review, follow the link associated with the project name.

Date of CDR Review:               Project Title:
April 7, 2015                             3201 Race Street
April 7, 2015                             4224 Baltimore Avenue

The agenda for the April 7, 2015 Civic Design Review can be found be following the link to April 7, 2015.

February 3, 2015 Meeting
To see the findings of the CDR committee, which summarize the review for each project, follow this link to February 3, 2015 findings.