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City of Philadelphia

Independent Community-Based Plans

These plans have been accepted by PCPC under the agency's guidelines. PCPC has issued a letter stating that the agency recognizes and supports the goals, directions and major concepts expressed by the plan. The agency is not obligated to support every recommendation.  These plans provide input into the Comprehensive Plan process.

Community Planning Guidelines were approved by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission on February 16, 2010. The guidelines apply primarily to plans prepared by community-based organizations.  They are intended to improve the coordination between community-based plans and City policies, plans, resources and implementation, and to ensure that residents are included in the planning process.

Community-based plans that meet the guidelines can receive official recognition by the City Planning Commission. PCPC can issue an acceptance letter that recognizes and supports the goals, direction and major concepts expressed by the plan (but does not obligate the PCPC to support each and every recommendation). Accepted plans will appear on the PCPC website and will provide input into the agency's comprehensive planning process.

View a map of recent independent plans or scroll through plans listed by year below.