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City of Philadelphia


Philadelphia 2035: The Comprehensive Plan

The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter requires the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) to adopt and maintain a comprehensive plan.

District Plans

Phase two of Philadelphia 2035, these 18 District Plans provide recommendations on land use, zoning, City facilities, historic preservation, vacant land management, parks and recreation, transportation, and public investments.

Trail Master Plan

Philadelphia2035 recommends the completion and adoption of a Trail Master Plan to coordinate future trail development in the city. The Trail Master Plan, adopted in July 2013, inventories existing and proposed trails and prioritizes new projects.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

The Philadelphia Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan presents pedestrian and bicycle existing conditions, recommended facilities and policies, and general best practices for infrastructure citywide. The Plan was adopted by the Commission in June 2012.

Community Plans

PCPC’s Community Planning Division prepares plans for neighborhoods, redevelopment areas and other geographic sections of the city. Staff also has an advisory role in independent community-based plans.

Frankford Creek Greenway Feasibility Study

The Frankford Creek Greenway Feasibility Study determined potential alignments of a greenway along the Frankford Creek in the Juniata, Frankford, and Port Richmond neighborhoods.

Land Bank Strategic Plan and Disposition Policies

The Proposed Strategic Plan is a comprehensive blueprint that, when implemented, will improve the quality of life in every neighborhood in Philadelphia.

Lower Frankford Creek Watershed Brownfields Area Wide Plan

The Lower Frankford Creek Watershed Brownfields Area-Wide Plan focuses on three key sites in Frankford and Bridesburg, along the Frankford Creek.