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Trail Master Plan

The Philadelphia Trail Master Plan is the first of its kind in Philadelphia. The plan was recommended in Philadelphia2035 to coordinate the planning and construction of trail systems in Philadelphia. It inventories existing trails and details and prioritizes 75 proposed trails citywide. The implementation of the plan is led by the Philadelphia Trail Committee, which includes representatives from the Planning Commission, Parks & Recreation, Mayor's Office of Transportation & Utilities, Commerce, Water Department, and other agencies that impact trail development citywide.

The Philadelphia Trail Committee meets quarterly for updates on trail activity citywide, to set City funding priorities for trail funding sources, and to guide the next steps of the Philadelphia Trail Master Plan.

Material from Philadelphia Trail Committee meetings can be found in the Implementation section below, organized by date. 
The implementation of the Philadelphia Trail Master Plan is an on-going coordinated effort between City agencies and non-profit trail partners. The Philadelphia Trail Committee is the implementing body for the plan and meets quarterly to set City priorities, hear about new developments on trails citywide, rank projects that submit for various trail funding sources, and guide the next steps and annual update for the plan. This webpage will have the most updated Philadelphia Trail Committee materials available after each quarterly meeting. 

The materials for the November 2013 meeting are as follows:

PTC_Nov2013 Agenda
PTC_Nov2013 Meeting Notes
PTC_Nov 2013 Trail Status List
PTC_Nov2013 Trail Status Map
PTC_Nov2013 Side Path Process
PTC_Nov2013 Powerpoint

The materials for the September 2013 meeting are as follows:  

PTC Mission and Procedures
PTC September 2013 Meeting Agenda
PTC September 2013 Meeting Notes
Philadelphia Trail Status List, September 2013
Philadelphia Trail Status Map, September 2013

Please direct any questions or comments on these materials to Jeannette Brugger,"