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City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia 2035: The Comprehensive Plan

The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter requires the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) to adopt and maintain a comprehensive plan. Philadelphia2035 is our two-phase comprehensive plan which serves as a 25 year blueprint for physical development in the city.
The first phase of the Comprehensive Plan is the Citywide Vision. This document lays out broad, far-reaching goals for the future, building on our strengths of a strong a metropolitan center, diverse neighborhoods, and industrial legacy areas ripe for renewal and redevelopment. Implementing the objectives and strategies under each of the goals will contribute to a stronger economy, a healthier population, and a smaller environmental footprint in the years to come. Additionally, The Citywide Vision forecasts an additional 100,000 residents and 40,000 jobs in Philadelphia in 2035.

The Citywide Vision portion was adopted by the PCPC in June 2011. Over the next several years, the PCPC will complete 18 strategic District Plans, taking many of the broadbrush objectives of the Citywide Vision and applying them at the local level. These plans are intended to guide zoning map revisions that will begin following the August 22, 2012 effective start date of the city’s new Zoning Code.