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City of Philadelphia

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The City of Philadelphia accepts applications for positions submitted through the Civil Service Commission.  Search for job openings here.

PCPC Internships

We will have summer internship opportunities posted soon, please come visit this webpage in the next coming weeks.

Be an intern at the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC)! Augment your studies, learn about big-city planning issues, and be part of a great team of dedicated professionals.

The PCPC offers several internship opportunities each fall, spring and summer. Graduate and upper-level undergraduate students assist the PCPC staff with a variety of work assignments including general research, data collection and analysis, field work, mapping, public meetings and outreach, and report preparation. In certain instances, unpaid internships for academic credit can be arranged.

Candidates MUST be eligible for work-study financial aid, or receive commensurate academic credit or recognition, such as a stipend, through their institution. However, at this time we can only retain work-study students who are from the University of Pennsylvania. Students from other colleges or universities need to be eligible for academic credit or a stipend from their institution.

Work hours are flexible, but interns should commit to eight to 12 hours per week during the academic year (September to May) and 20 to 35 per week during the summer (June to August). Internship applications are accepted for three periods: for the fall and spring semesters and during the summer.

 PCPC Summer 2014 Interns