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City of Philadelphia

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The City of Philadelphia accepts applications for positions submitted through the Civil Service Commission.  Search for job openings here.

PCPC Internships

Be an intern at the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC)! Augment your studies, learn about big-city planning issues, and be part of a great team of dedicated professionals.

The PCPC offers several internship opportunities each fall, spring and summer. Graduate and upper-level undergraduate students assist the PCPC staff with a variety of work assignments including general research, data collection and analysis, field work, mapping, public meetings and outreach, and report preparation. In certain instances, unpaid internships for academic credit can be arranged.

Candidates MUST be eligible for work-study financial aid, or receive commensurate academic credit or recognition, such as a stipend, through their institution. However, at this time we can only retain work-study students who are from the University of Pennsylvania. Students from other colleges or universities need to be eligible for academic credit or a stipend from their institution.

Work hours are flexible, but interns should commit to eight to 12 hours per week during the academic year (September to May) and 20 to 35 per week during the summer (June to August). Internship applications are accepted for three periods: for the fall and spring semesters and during the summer. Deadlines for submitting applications: for fall semester – July 31st, for spring semester – October 31st and for the summer – March 31st.

Please contact Farah Blackwell at the PCPC for questions regarding paperwork required for an internship. Candidates should also contact their student employment/financial aid office to determine eligibility for the federal work-study program.

Apply today for the Summer 2017 Internship Program

Community Planning Division Intern

The Community Planning Division is seeking two full-time, work-study or academic credit interns during the summer 2017. Candidates are expected to work 35 hours per week. Primary tasks will relate to Philadelphia2035 comprehensive planning work and general community planning. Secondary tasks will relate to the completion of planning analysis projects throughout the city of Philadelphia. The selected candidates will report to Cluster Leaders. Primary responsibilities include general research on various topics, including demographics, transportation and best practices; creating maps and graphics for plan documents; and assisting in the preparation of materials for public meetings. Secondary Responsibilities consist of assisting in the facilitation of public meetings, taking photographs and assisting with other field work, and performing general project administration duties. Candidates should have strong skills in research, writing, and graphic design as well as proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite and ArcGIS. Candidates should be currently enrolled in a graduate level City Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, or Landscape Architecture program.

Urban Design Intern

Philadelphia City Planning Commission, Urban Design Division, MCP Candidate for internship during Summer, 2017. Typically, as many as 35 hours per week . Looking for candidate with strong design and graphic skills, as well as analytical and writing skills. Ability to use Adobe CS5 Suite, SketchUp and have a basic working knowledge of GIS. Must be work-study or work-study eligible or can receive academic credit for internship. 

Planning and Policy Analysis Intern

Intern assistance is needed to assist staff in the development and implementation of policy and program guidance for agency activities and for inter-agency partnerships. Updated guidance is regularly required in support of Philadelphia2035 plans, special studies, and new initiatives. Assignments generally range across such topics as economic and community development, demographics, transportation, community health, land use, housing, environmental resources, capital programming, parks and recreation, and sustainability. Intern tasks typically include: data collection and evaluation; research on policy and development trends; site visits and field work, and GIS-based analysis. Interns are also encouraged to participate in agency meetings and community outreach activities. Graduate students or upper-level undergraduates preferred. Quantitative and GIS skills especially helpful. Students on work-study could potentially continue into fall, 2017. For summer 2017, specific assignments may focus on:

• Updates and improvements to land use and transportation     data and analyses related to measures of sustainability
• Community parking and trail inventories and analyses
• Community health planning for the West district plan

CPI Intern

The Citizens Planning Institute (CPI) is the outreach and education entity of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission. The summer internship position is for 10-15 hours per week and is for a student who is interested in learning about how this program may be more effective. The intern’s duties may include, but may not be limited to the following: 

  •  drafting citizen Planner stories for the CPI website,
  • developing an educational game around zoning,
  • development of program metrics and mapping,
  • assisting with CPI alumni activities,
  • promoting events through social media,
  • working on a pilot program at a neighborhood level

The position would suit an enthusiastic detail-oriented student interested in community planning and citizen advocacy issues with good communication skills. Basic MS Office proficiency required. GIS skills are preferred but not required. The position is work-study eligible. If academic credit is preferred, the Director will work with the intern to ensure the scope of responsibilities meets his/her objectives and interests. Interested candidates will go through an interview process.

Historic Preservation Intern

The Community Planning Division is seeking a full-time, work-study or academic credit historic preservation intern during the summer of 2017. Candidates are expected to work 35 hours per week. Primary tasks will relate to historical and preservation research to prepare for the Philadelphia2035 comprehensive planning work and general community planning. Secondary tasks will relate to the research and writing of nominations to the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places for sites throughout the city of Philadelphia. The selected candidate will report directly to the Community Planning Division Director. Primary responsibilities include: historical research for upcoming district plans, creating maps and graphics for plan documents, and preparing nominations to the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. Secondary responsibilities consist of taking photographs and assisting with other field work as well as performing general project administration duties. Applicants should have strong skills in research, writing, and graphic design. Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite and ArcGIS is a plus. Candidates must be currently enrolled in a graduate level Historic Preservation program.

GIS Intern

The GIS Division is seeking an intern who is highly motivated, detail oriented and has the passion to grow and utilize the GIS skills they have acquired through course work and/or work experience to assist a team of GIS Specialists on GIS related projects. The intern should be comfortable working in a team environment as well as the ability to work independently and accomplish assigned tasks with minimal supervision. The intern will work under the direction of a senior team member.

Some basic responsibilities and qualifications include but are not limited to:
• Designing and preparing maps utilizing ESRI’s ArcGIS software.
• Creating new or modifying existing GIS data using editing/geoprocessing tools.
• Performs GIS analysis.
• Interprets aerial imagery.
• Assists GIS staff as required
• Familiarity with ESRI’s web mapping platform ArcGIS Online.
• Familiarity with the principles, practices and methods used in geospatial data analysis
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite of products
• communicates effectively, both orally and in writing

Implementation Intern

This intern will work with the Implementation Division in the office of the Deputy Executive Director on furthering the recommendations of Philadelphia2035. An interest in zoning and legislation is important as there will be projects that revolve around amendments and additions to Philadelphia’s Code as well as researching property dimensions for zoning ordinances. Zoning remapping is major recommendation of Phila2035 and analysis of existing zoning and land uses as well as community outreach will be a major work product. There will also be work in crafting Requests for Proposals and responding to grant requests to advance the recommendations of Phila2035 District Plans as well as managing and analyzing the efficiency and success of our plans. This position requires the use of GIS as well as report and graphic creation software, database management familiarity is appreciated. Problem solving and strong organizational skills are a necessity in order to track and develop multiple work products at a time.

 PCPC Summer 2014 Interns