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City of Philadelphia

Maplewood Mall

Maplewood Mall Public Outreach

Through collaboration between 8th District Councilwoman Cindy Bass, the City Planning Commission, the Department of Commerce, the Department Parks & Recreation, and the Streets Department, the City is initiating the process for the reconstruction of Maplewood Mall in Germantown. While the Mall is in current disrepair, it holds untold potential to become a vibrant, yet intimate, urban space that serves as a showcase of planning and placemaking in Philadelphia and an anchor for the revitalization of Central Germantown.

As the project unfolds, this page and its sub-pages will be updated with the most current information. Bookmark this page to stay informed. 
The Department of Commerce is funding the design and construction of the project with $2.2 million in commercial corridor capital dollars. The Department of Parks & Recreation will manage the construction of the project. The project team will hire a consultant to combine public input with professional expertise to design a product that will break ground within 2 years. The consultants will examine the potential of reconfiguring the street and plaza layout, sustainable and maintainable design aspects, the provision of parking, and spaces conducive to outdoor events and activities.

This transformation will not stop at the basic bricks and mortar reconstruction of the Mall. The City will support the community in pushing forward additional activities such as Mall upkeep, facade and signage improvements, programming and events, public art, marketing, business attraction, and new development.

Public input will help establish a vision for the Mall in terms of its function, use, and design. As part of an open and transparent project, this website will disseminate information regarding public outreach, design, and construction processes.

Councilwoman Bass and Planning Commission have formulated an outreach plan to engage community organizations, Mall property owners, Mall business owners, Mall residents, and the general public. The first outreach event occurred at the Maplewood Mall block party on June 22, 2013 and was geared toward the general public. A summary of the findings from this event can be found here: