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City of Philadelphia

Integrated Planning and Zoning Process

The City Planning Commission is aligning Philadelphia’s new zoning code with the goals of Philadelphia2035, the city’s Comprehensive Plan through its formalized public education and outreach arm, the Citizens Planning Institute. These three components — the plan, the code, and citizen engagement — make up the Integrated Planning and Zoning Process.

The New Zoning Code »

Philadelphia City Council passed Bill No. 110845 on December 15, 2011, which repealed and replaced Title 14 of the Philadelphia Code (Zoning and Planning) with The Final Report of the Zoning Code Commission. Mayor Michael A. Nutter signed the bill into law on December 22, 2011.The new Zoning Code took effect on August 22, 2012. A one year report reviewing the code's effectiveness and identifying opportunities for refinements and amendments has been completed. Discussions are beginning with City Council to move forward with a series of technical and substantive amendments. 

Apart from the code itself, PCPC must work with City Council to implement zoning remappings in areas where current zoning does not reflect current conditions, and/or areas where zoning does not match the type of development the city hopes to encourage. 

The Comprehensive Plan »

Philadelphia2035 is a two phase effort. Phase I involved the creation and adoption of a Citywide Vision. This document lays out overarching goals and objectives to guide decision-makers in the different areas of physical development (neighborhoods, transportation, open space, etc). The Citywide Vision was adopted by the City Planning Commission on June 7, 2011.

We are currently in Phase II: District Plans. These plans apply the recommendations of the Citywide Vision at the local level, identifying opportunities for zoning changes, public facility improvements, and other infrastructure investments.

Eight District Plans have been completed and adopted:

Two District Plans are in process:

Follow the Philadelphia2035 district planning process.

The Citizens Planning Institute »

The Citizens Planning Institute educates and empowers citizens as they learn about the role good planning plays in creating communities of lasting value. This grant-funded arm of the Planning Commission offers a bi-annual course of core and elective classes taught by local practitioners and experts from both public and private sectors. Since its launch in November 2010, CPI has graduated Citizen Planners representing hundreds of civic organizations across the city. The CPI is expanding as the integrated planning and zoning process accelerates with the implementation of the new Zoning Code and ongoing District Plan projects. The CPI sponsored training on the new Zoning Code as well as workshops geared to civic organizations in 2012. Check the CPI website for updated schedules and new learning opportunities. See the "Grads in Action!" page for stories on what Citizen Planners are doing in their neighborhoods.