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City of Philadelphia

Community Planning Resources

Community Planning Guidelines »


Community Planning Guidelines were approved by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission on February 16, 2010. The guidelines apply primarily to plans prepared by community-based organizations.


  1. Improve the linkage and coordination between community-based plans and City policies, plans, resources and implementing actions
  2. Ensure that efforts are made to include community residents in the planning process

Community-based plans that meet the guidelines can receive official recognition by the City Planning Commission. PCPC can issue an acceptance letter that recognizes and supports the goals, direction and major concepts expressed by the plan (but does not obligate the PCPC to support each and every recommendation). Accepted plans will appear on the PCPC website and will provide input into the agency's comprehensive planning process.

Rowhouse Manual »


The Philadelphia Rowhouse Manual celebrates the Philadelphia rowhouse, helping people understand its value (in terms of both history and livability), and aiding rowhouse inhabitants in adapting and maintaining them as a great model for 21st century urban living.

The manual was made possible by the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Preservation Development Initiative (PDI). Funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, PDI focused on demonstrating the importance of preservation as a core component of neighborhood revitalization.

A Steering Committee guided the development of the Philadelphia Rowhouse Manual. Steering Committee members included representatives of the City Planning Commission, Office of Housing and Community Development, the Preservation Alliance, Philadelphia Association of CDCs and other stakeholder organizations.


Laura Spina, Project Manager, Philadelphia City Planning Commission

Email or call 215-683-4638

Print copies may be purchased for $10 at the
Center for Architecture, 1216 Arch Street, Philadelphia PA 19107