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City of Philadelphia


On August 22, 2012, a new zoning code went into effect for the City of Philadelphia. This first comprehensive rewrite of the code in 50 years was a product of a thorough civic engagement process involving neighborhood, government, business, professional and civic leaders that was led by the City’s appointed Zoning Code Commission (ZCC).

As required by the ordinance putting the new zoning code into effect on August 22, 2012, the Commerce Director, Executive Director of the City Planning Commission, Commissioner of Licenses and Inspections, and Chairman of the Zoning Board of Adjustment submitted to City Council on August 22, 2013 a report detailing findings and recommendations following the first year of the code's use by a variety of stakeholders.  View a copy of the full report. Read some common questions and answers about the one-year review here.

The Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I) is responsible for administering the new zoning code. As the issuer of development permits and licenses and the provider of inspections, L&I ensures public safety and growth within the City of Philadelphia.

Please visit the Department of Licenses and Inspections for more information.

Zoning Code Resources:

The Zoning Code Quick Reference Guide provides illustrative examples for each zoning district, basic measurements and standards, and categories of allowed uses.

A list of Heritage Trees for preservation is cited in Section 14-705(1)(e) of the Zoning Code.

Much of the ongoing work of the Zoning Code Commission was captured on a website called “Zoning Matters.” Since the ZCC ceased to exist as an organization upon the adoption of the new zoning code in December 2012, that website is no longer active. However, much of its content can be found in a document here.