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City of Philadelphia


Integrated Planning and Zoning Process

The City Planning Commission is aligning Philadelphia’s new zoning code with the goals of Philadelphia2035, the city’s Comprehensive Plan through its formalized public education and outreach arm, the Citizens Planning Institute.

Capital Program

Every year Division staff leads an interdepartmental effort to prepare the City’s Capital Program, the six-year blueprint for investing in Philadelphia’s physical and technology infrastructure, community facilities, and public buildings.

Citizens Planning Institute

The CPI's mission is to empower citizens to take a more effective and active role in shaping the future of their neighborhoods and of Philadelphia, through a greater understanding of city planning and the steps involved in development projects.

Community Planning Resources

Listed here is a variety of community planning information including the Philadelphia Rowhouse Manual, a description of the redevelopment process, and the names and assignments of Community Planning Division staff.

Maplewood Mall Public Outreach

8th District Councilwoman Cindy Bass has partnered with the Planning Commission to initiate a public outreach process for the design and reconstruction of Maplewood Mall in Central Germantown.

Mayor's Task Force on City-Owned Facilities

The Mayor’s Task Force evaluated four areas of facility management: space allocation, leasing, maintenance and facility management, and utility payments/energy efficiencies. The report is available here.

Renting in Philadelphia A Survey of Tenants and Landlords

To expand the PCPC’s knowledge of the local rental market, the agency engaged The Melior Group to survey renters and landlords. What follows are findings from the research. This work will help inform the PCPC’s ongoing Comprehensive Plan.