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Safety & emergency preparedness

Notify 911 dispatchers of disability needs in your household

You can inform the Philadelphia Police Department about any members of your household who have disabilities or medical conditions. This helps 911 dispatchers and first responders to better serve your household during emergencies.


You must submit your household’s updated information every two years. If your information changes during this time, notify Police Radio Training at (215) 685-3940.


Complete the Philadelphia Police Department ADA registration form. You can choose to answer for your entire household or only certain members.

For anyone in your household who has a disability or medical condition, you may include:

  • Their identifying information.
  • The nature of their condition.
  • Their medications or required treatments.
  • Any sensory or dietary concerns.
  • Their preferred way to communicate, if they are nonverbal.

Suggestions for how to calm and approach the person are also helpful. This might include details about their favorite toys, objects, or topics to talk about.

Once you’ve completed the form, you can drop it off at the nearest police district. You can also return it by mail to the following address:

Philadelphia Police Department
ATTN: Police Radio Training Communications Division, Room 212
Philadelphia, PA 19106