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The Community Propagation Program provides greenhouse space to the public.


PLEASE NOTE: The Community Propagation Program is suspended until further notice. The program will resume when greenhouse repairs are completed. Please check back for more information.


The Community Propagation Program rents greenhouse space to the public. The greenhouse is located at the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center in West Fairmount Park. The address is 100 N. Horticultural Drive. Every February through June, the program: 

  • Allows people to grow seedlings of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs indoors. 
  • Provides a resource for people who do not have access to a greenhouse or indoor growing facility. 
  • Serves as a communal and collaborative space for growers of diverse backgrounds. 

More than 100 residents and organizations participate in the program. Members grow over 100,000 seedlings each year. This is the only public greenhouse space in the city. 

Space is available to Philadelphia: 

  • Residents. 
  • Community gardens. 
  • Non-profit organizations. 
  • Businesses. 

Qualified participants can rent up to three 8′ by 3′ tables. Growers receive access to: 

  • Rental table space. 
  • Potting benches. 
  • Unlimited potting soil. 
  • Daily watering. 
  • General oversight. 

How to participate

View the rental pricing.
Payment tiers
All reservations come with potting soil and daily watering.
Price per table Qualifying individuals Qualifying groups
$25 Limited resources Little to no funding
$50 Can afford the standard rate Limited resources
$100 Can help offset the cost of tables for other growers Can afford the standard rate
$150 Well-resourced Can help offset the cost of tables for other growers
Register for the program.

Complete the online registration form.

Pay your rental fee.