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Farm Philly


FarmPhilly supports urban farming projects on Philadelphia Parks & Recreation land. Here are some of our gardening programs.

Community Gardens Network


Parks & Rec hosts 19 community gardens on park land. At these gardens, 500 community members grow over 10,000 pounds of food each year. They share this nutritious food within their communities. 

Through the Community Gardens Network, hundreds of residents across the city: 

  • Grow food. 
  • Share gardening skills. 
  • Conduct community-led programming. 
  • Support families and neighbors through farm stands, farmers’ markets, and food donations. 
  • Create a larger sense of community and advocacy. 

Farm Philly staff provide growers: 

  • Access to land. 
  • Compost, mulch, and wood chips. 
  • Supplies and outreach materials. 
  • Workshops and training. 
  • Technical support. 
  • Information on grants. 

Explore the map

Find a Community Gardens Network site near you using the map below. The map shows gardens that are registered with Parks & Rec. For more information, or to join a garden, use the contact information provided.

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To join the Community Gardens Network:


Carousel House Farm is a public education farm. It is located at 4300 Avenue of the Republic in West Fairmount Park. Farm Philly and Fairmount Park Conservancy manage the farm. 

Throughout the growing season, Farm Philly: 

  • Grows vegetables, herbs, and flowers. 
  • Provides educational and job training programs for youth and adults. 
  • Works with summer camp programs in the Parkside neighborhood. 

Carousel House Farm is also a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program. The Farm grows over 4,000 pounds of produce every year. Residents can buy a CSA membership from the Farm. In exchange, they receive fresh fruits and vegetables grown at the Farm. Proceeds from the CSA:   

  • Support other Farm Philly initiatives.  
  • Allow Farm Philly to invest back into the farm.   

Food from the farm is also donated throughout the Parkside neighborhood.

Please note: The Carousel House Farm and CSA program have been suspended until further notice.

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For information on the CSA, visit

Junior Farmers


Junior Farmers teaches young people ages 5–15 the benefits of growing and eating their own food. Youth also learn to care for the natural environment and their neighborhood.

Junior Farmers help create youth vegetable and pollinator gardens and small orchards. The program:

  • Takes place at 20 recreation centers across the city.
  • Works with after-school and summer camp participants.
  • Brings the joy of growing food to youth across Philadelphia.

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To find a Junior Farmers program near you, email