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Menu Labeling

Philadelphia's Menu Labeling Law requires chain restaurants and retail food establishments with more than 15 locations nationwide to post nutrition information for the food and drinks they sell.

The law applies to menu boards (like those in fast food restaurants) as well as menus (like those in restaurants where you sit down).

Studies show that most people don't know the nutrition content of the foods they eat and the beverages they drink. In fact, they usually underestimate the number of calories in the food and drinks they order.

Nutrition information helps you to be more informed about what you are eating so you can make healthier choices. The links below can help consumers and food establishments better understand menu labels and the Philadelphia law.

Resources for the Public

Questions? Call 215-685-5623.

Resources for Food Establishments

Questions? Call 215-685-7495 or email.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating Links

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