All health services

Air and noise pollution, report

How to make a complaint about air or noise pollution.

Air pollution, apply to operate equipment that emits or controls

Information about applying to operate equipment that emits or controls air pollution.

Air quality

Resources you can use to find current air quality information for Philadelphia.

Animal bite, report an

How to report a bite from a wild animal or domestic pet.

Asbestos project permit, apply for an

Instructions, forms, and resources required to perform asbestos abatement in Philadelphia.

Barber shop or beauty salon, file a complaint about a

How to file a complaint against a barber shop or beauty salon in Philadelphia.

Body art establishment, apply for or renew certification for

Learn about the steps to opening a body art business in Philadelphia.

Body artist certification, apply for a

Information for anyone who wants to become a certified body artist or apprentice.

Body artists

Information on the City's rules for running a tattoo shop or other body art establishment.

Breastfeeding support, get

Information about one-on-one support for nursing mothers.

Business licenses, permits, and approvals

Find out how to get the licenses, permits, and approvals you need to run your business.

Child care facilities

Learn about the inspections and approvals you'll need to run a child care facility.

Child care facility, file a complaint about a

How to report something unsafe at a child care facility.

Child care facility, schedule a sanitation/safety inspection for a

How to schedule a safety/sanitation inspection for a child care facility.

City health centers

Find a City health center near you.

Condoms, get free

How to pick up free condoms in person or have them mailed to you.

Dental care, get

How and where to get low-cost dental care in Philadelphia.

Dust control permit for construction and demolition, get a

Requirements for certain construction and demolition activities, including notifications, permits, and dust control.

Dust, air pollution, and asbestos

Apply for permits for dust control, asbestos, and equipment that emits air pollution.

Environmental health hazards

Learn how to deal with extreme weather and other hazards that could affect your health.

Environmental permits and approvals

Get permits or approvals that you need to deal with dust, air pollution, asbestos, and infectious waste.

Extreme weather

Get relief from extreme hot or cold weather.

Family and children's health care

Find resources to help plan your family and care for children.


Learn about the permits you'll need to operate a factory.

Family planning services, get

How and where to get low-cost family planning services in Philadelphia.

Farmers market, operate a

Requirements for farmers market operators in Philadelphia.

Find HIV information and services

Philadelphians living with HIV may qualify for free and confidential services, including medical care and case management.

Flu shot, get your annual

Get a flu shot so you don't pass it on to people who are more vulnerable than you are.

Food businesses

Information on the City's permits and approvals for food businesses, including restaurants, food trucks, and others.

Food illness or food safety concern, report a

How to report concerns about Philadelphia food businesses.

Food safety certification course, take a

Information for food businesses owners about how and where to take an approved food safety certification course.

Food safety inspection report, look up

Search a database of food safety inspection reports issued by the Office of Food Protection from the last three years.

Get health care and support

Find healthcare resources that fit your needs.

HIV exposure, get emergency treatment for

How to get a pill that you can take after a possible exposure to HIV to prevent HIV transmission.

HIV prevention

HIV can only be transmitted by certain body fluids from someone with HIV. Most people get or transmit HIV through sex or by sharing needles.

HIV prevention, testing and treatment

Find resources to help prevent, test for, and treat HIV.

HIV testing

Find a place and time to get free testing for HIV/AIDS.

Health Commissioner's Office Review Committee, submit a study to the

How to submit a research proposal, manuscript, or abstract to the Health Commissioner's Office (HCO) Review Committee.

Health data, request

How to request health data from the Department of Public Health.

Health insurance, get help applying for

How to get help applying for health insurance you can afford.

Illegal idling, report

How to make a complaint about illegal idling in Philadelphia.

Infectious disease reporting (for health care providers)

Health care providers can report an infectious disease to the Department of Public Health.

Infectious waste

Find out how to get approval for handling or storing sewage and other infectious waste.

Infectious waste at a health care facility, submit a plan for handling

How to submit a plan for the handling of infectious waste at a health care facility in Philadelphia.

Infectious waste, file a complaint about

How to file a complaint about infectious waste and its disposal in Philadelphia.

Install equipment that emits or controls air pollution, apply to

Information about how to apply to install equipment that emits or controls air pollution.

Institutional Review Board (IRB), submit a research study to the

How to submit a study for approval by Philadelphia's Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Lead exposure

Information for Philadelphians about lead safety.

Lead, get your child tested for

Information for parents and caregivers about how to get their child tested for lead poisoning.

Medical facility, file a complaint about a

How to file a complaint or report a concern about a hospital or nursing home.

Medical professionals

Resources for medical professionals

Medical provider, file a complaint about a

How to file a complaint or report a concern about an individual medical provider.

Men's health care, get

How and where to get low-cost health care for men in Philadelphia.

Mobile food business, change ownership of a

How to change the ownership of a mobile food business.

Mosquitoes, wasps, or hornets, report

Information on how to report mosquitoes and other insects in Philadelphia.

Naloxone (Narcan®), learn how to get and use

Learn how to get and use naloxone, a medication that reverses an opioid overdose. Also sold under the brand names Narcan and Evzio.

Pediatric health care, get

How and where to get low-cost health care for children.

Philadelphia Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), volunteer for the

How to volunteer for the Philadelphia Medical Reserve Corps (MRC).

Portable toilet permit, apply for a

How to apply for a permit for a portable toilet for a public event.

Prenatal care, get

Information about medical care and support services for pregnant women.

Prevent HIV with a pill (PrEP)

Learn how to get PrEP, a pill you can take to prevent HIV.

Provide food or drinks at a special event, apply to

Instructions and application to provide food or drinks to the public at a special event.

Providers, pediatric health care

Find a pediatric care provider for your child.

Rats, report

How to report rats to the Department of Public Health.

Report a health or safety concern

Report health violations or concerns by individuals or businesses.

Report illegal smoking

How to report smoking in a space where it's illegal to smoke, vape, or use other electronic nicotine delivery systems.

STDs, get walk-in testing and treatment for

How to get walk-in testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV.

Schedule a sanitation/safety inspection for in-home child care

How to schedule an inspection for in-home group/family child care.

Search tobacco retailer permit eligibility by neighborhood

Look up the number of tobacco retailers in a neighborhood and see if any more are allowed to open.

Septic system or private sewer line, request a permit for a

How to request a permit to install or repair a septic system or install a private sewer line.

Sexual health and family planning

Get help with pregnancy prevention, prenatal care, and STD prevention and treatment.

Special event, sponsor a

How to apply to sponsor special events like walks, parades, or festivals.

Special health care needs, get support for a child with

Information about support and services for families of children with special health care needs.

Stationary food business, apply for a plan review for a

All the steps to getting a plan review for your new stationary food business.

Stationary food business, change ownership of a

How to change the ownership of a stationary food business.

Storage/holding tank permit, apply for a

How to apply for a permit for a storage/holding tank for sewage waste storage.

Tobacco retailer permit, get a

How retailers can get the permits they need to sell all forms of tobacco and products that contain nicotine.

Tobacco retailers

Learn about the City's rules for selling tobacco products, including cigarettes, snuff, electronic smoking devices, and more.

Tobacco sales, report illegal

What to do if you know a business is selling tobacco products illegally.

Tobacco, get help quitting

Call the Pennsylvania Quitline to get free help quitting tobacco, including a free supply of the nicotine patch or nicotine gum.

Tobacco-free policy, get help creating a

Get support in writing and implementing a tobacco-free policy for your space or organization.

Travel vaccinations, get

Information on how to get the vaccinations you might need if you're traveling to another country.

Tuberculosis, get directly observed therapy (DOT) for

How to get directly observed therapy (DOT) for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB).

Urban Health Policy Fellowship, apply for an

How to apply for a two-year fellowship with the Department of Public Health.

Vaccinate your child

Protect your children from these diseases by making sure that they are up-to-date on their vaccinations (shots).

Vaccinated (if you don't have health insurance), get

If you don’t have health insurance, you can get vaccines (shots) through the Vaccines For Adults At Risk (VFAAR) program.

Vaccinated (if you have health insurance), get

If you have health insurance, it's easy and often free to get the immunizations you need to protect yourself from dangerous diseases.

Vaccinated, get

Getting the right vaccines (shots) helps protect you, your family, and your community from getting sick.

Vaccines your child needs to start school, get the

Find out what vaccines are required for your child to attend any public, private, or parochial school in Philadelphia.

Women's health care

Find prenatal care and women's health care resources.

Water quality complaint for a swimming pool, file a

What to do if you think the water in a swimming pool is not safe.

West Nile virus and Lyme disease, protect yourself from

Learn how to protect yourself from West Nile virus and Lyme disease.

Women's health care, get

How and where to get low-cost health care for women in Philadelphia.

Zika virus

Information about Zika in Philadelphia, and how the City is working to prevent the emergence and spread of the disease.

Zika virus: Common concerns

Answers to some frequently asked questions about the Zika virus in Philadelphia.

Zika virus: Diagnosis and treatment

Information on symptoms and treatment of the Zika virus.

Zika virus: Overview

Information on the history of the Zika virus, and its recent spread.

Zika virus: Pregnancy risks

Information on how pregnant women can become infected with Zika virus.

Zika virus: Prevention

Information on the best way to prevent yourself from getting bitten by mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus.

Zika virus: Travel precautions

Information on travel precautions one should take to prevent Zika transmission.

Zika virus: What the City is doing

Prevention, testing, and education for Philadelphia residents, and professional support for healthcare providers.

Zika virus: What you can do

How Philadelphia residents can prevent mosquitoes and mosquito bites.