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Maternal, Child & Family Health

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Domestic Violence

One in four women and one in seven men have experienced severe physical violence by their partner.

In up to 60% of homes in which an adult is being abused, children are also being abused.

Domestic violence affects people from all walks of life. It cuts across all social, ethnic and economic lines. It affects people who are straight, gay, lesbian and transgender.

Help is Available

Help is available for people who are suffering from violence and abuse. If you do not feel safe in your home or in your relationship, get help today:

  • Call the Philadelphia Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-866-723-3014.
  • Call the Philadelphia Sexual Assault Hotline at 215-985-3333.
  • If you are in danger right now, call 911.
  • Find more help.
Be aware: Your personal computer use can be watched by other people in your home. You can also use a public computer at your local library.
Help is also available for people who want to stop acting abusively. If you are hurting people you care about and want to stop, take the first step to change today. Call 215-242-2235 (267-625-6135 Spanish). Find out more.