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Environmental Health Services

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Are you worried about rats?
Bugged by mosquitoes?
Concerned about food safety?

For these and many other environmental health issues, we are the place to call. We work every day to provide a safe and healthy environment for all Philadelphians. We enforce statutes, provide education and training, respond to emergencies, and issue licenses and permits.


Food Protection »
Philadelphia is known world-wide for its delicious food and first-class restaurants. We work to ensure that our city’s food is also safe to eat.

Lead and Healthy Homes »
We work to improve the quality, health, and safety of low-income housing in Philadelphia. We offer services to help families make their homes healthier and safer.

Environmental Engineering »
We evaluate the safety of equipment, structures and systems to protect the environment and to improve public health. We inspect day care centers, nursing homes, body art studios, public pools, and much more.

Vector Control »
Vector is a technical term for an agent (i.e. animal or insect) that carries and transmits a disease. We work to remove and control pests that can interfere with healthy living.

Questions About Illegal Smoking? Visit SmokeFree Philly to report illegal smoking or illegal youth sales.