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School Immunization Information

Your child needs shots for the 2017-2018 school year.

Did you get a letter about the MCV4 vaccine?

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Vaccines keep children safe in schools

Around the country, there are more cases of preventable diseases because parents are choosing not to get their kids immunized against preventable diseases.

These diseases can spread easily in schools, but the good news is that vaccines are a safe and effective way of protecting your child.

Your child must be up-to-date on their shots to attend school

Your child must be up-to-date on their shots to attend school. Your child must have at least one dose of all the required vaccinations – or the school can exclude them from attending.

If your child isn’t up-to-date on their shots, you’ll have five days from the start of school to get the next required dose and provide a medical plan to get fully up-to-date (a medical plan looks like this).

Work with your doctor to schedule the shots that your child needs to attend school. 

Schedule a doctor’s appointment this summer

Don’t wait until school starts. Make a doctor’s appointment. The doctor can:

  • See if your child has the shots they need to attend school.
  • Provide a certificate of immunization.
  • Schedule any shots that your child still needs.
  • If your child doesn’t have a doctor, call the City District Health Centers at 215-685-2933 to set up an immunization appointment.


If your child isn’t up-to-date on their shots

Your child can still attend school if they’re not up-to-date on their shots, but they’ll need to provide a plan for when they’ll get the next dose of their required shots. Work with your doctor to schedule a plan.

Las vacunas mantienen a los niños seguros en la escuela

Asegúrese de que su hijo reciba sus vacunas antes de que comience el nuevo año escolar. Este verano, haga una cita médica.

Si tiene preguntas sobre como encontrar un doctor para su niño, llame a 215-685-6498 para hablar con un representante del departamento de salud en Español.  

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