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Division of Disease Control

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Health Information Card

Personal health information includes any data that can help ensure you receive the best medical care.

Here are examples of personal health information:

  • Your name and preferred pronoun
  • Your phone number and address
  • Your birth date
  • Your blood type
  • What languages you speak
  • Any allergies
  • Any chronic medical conditions
  • Any functional needs: challenges with hearing, seeing, speaking, moving, or following instructions
  • Names and phone numbers of your emergency contacts and doctors
  • A list of any medications you are taking

You should write down your personal health information and keep it with you at all times. That way, doctors, nurses and first responders can read it even if you are unconscious or can’t speak.

Use the PDPH Health Information Card to help you during medical emergencies and doctor appointments.

Visit the pages below to learn more about how you can prepare for public health emergencies.