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Division of Disease Control

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Tuberculosis Control Program

The mission of the Tuberculosis Control Program is to prevent the spread of TB and to remove it as a public health problem in Philadelphia.

TB is a reportable disease. Medical care providers, hospitals, and laboratories are legally required to report suspected cases of TB to the Department of Public Health.

We work to identify all people in Philadelphia with suspected or confirmed TB disease, including people who might have been exposed to TB by confirmed cases. We help people with TB get the treatment they need - ideally, a series of treatments called directly observed therapy.

Some people are are higher risk for developing active TB. They include:

  • contacts of active cases
  • immuno-compromised people
  • recent immigrants from areas where TB is widespread

We work to ensure that people at high risk receive treatment for latent TB infection and do not develop disease.

We also operate the Lawrence F. Flick Memorial Center, which provides directly observed therapy for people who have been confirmed or suspected of having TB.


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The history of tuberculosis (TB) is a tribute to the purpose and progress of public health. In 1900, TB was one of our country's leading killers. Today, TB is preventable, controllable, and treatable.