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Philadelphia Vital Statistics Reports
Looking for a birth or death certificate?

Pennsylvania birth or death records should be ordered from the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Division of Vital Records. The Philadelphia Department of Public Health does not issue or maintain birth or death certificates. Please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

If you are looking for historical vital statistics, please contact the Department of Records by e-mail (

The Philadelphia Vital Statistics Report contains comprehensive data about the vital events of births, deaths and fetal deaths (i.e. still-births) occurring to Philadelphia residents.

In addition to the primary report, Philadelphia Vital Statistics Events by Census Tract and ZIP Code Report provides aggregate data on vital statistics events by smaller geographic units within Philadelphia. For the convenience of users who would like to use the aggregate data in the supplemental report for additional analyses, spreadsheet files containing tables from this report are available for download.

Vital Statistics Reports
Vital Status Events by Census Tract – Supplemental Tables
Vital Status Events by Zip Code – Supplemental Tables