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Registered Community Organization (RCO) materials

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) registers all Registered Community Organizations (RCOs). RCOs are concerned with physical development in their community. To learn more, visit the Registered Community Organization page.

This page contains the RCO application form, instructions, templates, past training materials, and more. You can also refer to the PCPC regulations.

Name Description Released Format
Applicant Instructions PDF Instructions for applicants to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Includes information on how they should interact with RCOs. September 28, 2023
Appellant Notification Templates (doc) docx A template which project applicants may use to notify the public. December 10, 2020
Appellant Notification Templates (pdf) PDF A template which project applicants may use to notify the public. December 10, 2020
Appellant Rights and Responsibilities PDF Rights and responsibilities for applicants/appellants going through the RCO process. August 16, 2019
Accepted RCOs PDF A list of RCOs which are currently accepted by the Planning Commission, including their contact information and expiration dates. September 27, 2023
City Council RCO Contacts PDF Contact information for each Council District's RCO coordinator. February 23, 2024
Meeting Summary Template PDF A template to be used by RCOs to report the results of the RCO meeting. August 16, 2019
RCO Instructions PDF A PDF describing an RCO’s responsibilities when they receive notice of a ZBA case within their boundaries. September 28, 2023
RCO Rights and Responsibilities PDF The rights and responsibilities of RCOs, updated on May 31, 2024. May 31, 2024
RCO Training Packet (2019) PDF Read all about the RCO notification process and best practices for RCOs. October 3, 2019
RCO Meeting Announcement Examples PDF Examples of RCO meeting announcements that satisfy requirements. May 15, 2024
RCO Virtual Meeting Notice Examples PDF Examples of RCO notices for virtual (web and telephone) meetings sent by applicant. July 22, 2020
RCO Virtual Meeting Suggestions PDF These are best practice suggestions for hosting virtual RCO meetings. July 14, 2020