Philadelphia’s Consolidated and Action Plans

The Division of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) uses federal, state, local, and foundation funding to assess and address Philadelphia’s housing and community development needs.

Name Description Released Format
Consolidated Plan 2017-2021 pdf An analysis of the City’s housing and community development needs, a five-year strategic plan to address those needs, and the application to HUD to fund an action plan for the first of the five years. June 30, 2017
Annual Action Plan 2019-2020 pdf A completed application to HUD for funding to meet housing and community development needs in the current fiscal year. June 30, 2019
CAPER 2017-2018 pdf A report on the achievements based on goals from the previous year’s Annual Action Plan. September 30, 2018
1029AA Quarterly Production Report pdf A quarterly report to City Council outlining progress toward the goals in the current year’s Annual Action Plan. May 2, 2019