Just three months after celebrating its first groundbreaking at Parkside Fields playground, Rebuild has 20 projects underway, including two multi-million dollar grant awards to transform the Cecil B. Moore and Heitzman recreation centers. By summer, that number will increase to 30.

As more Rebuild projects move forward across the city, here are four things to know about this historic investment in neighborhood parks, recreation centers, and libraries: 

Rebuild invests in neighborhoods that need it 

Two-thirds of Rebuild’s 64 initial sites are in highneeds areas of the city. These investments will revamp sites that have experienced years of deferred maintenance, leading to malfunctioning heating and air conditioning systems, leaks, peeling paint, rundown playgrounds, and dangerous and unhealthy conditions  

Rebuild works alongside residents to plan improvements 

Community collaboration is core to Rebuild’s mission. We make decisions with input from the community and volunteers who know those public spaces best. Community engagement is already underway at Cecil B. Moore Recreation Center, Miles Mack Playground, and Powers Park. Community meetings will begin at dozens of additional sites in the coming months. 

Rebuild is committed to economic inclusion and workforce diversity  

We set ambitious diversity targets to make sure minorities and women benefit from Rebuild contracts and job opportunities. To reach our goalswe are partnering with experienced, local support providers to offer business assistance programs for minority and woman owned contractors 

Rebuild’s smaller projects are just as important as the complete renovations 

Some Rebuild investments are not likely to grab headlines—like replacing aging heating systems or fixing access ramps to allow wheelchairs easy entry into libraries and rec centers. But these Rebuild projects are some of the most critical. They create the safe, welcoming, and comfortable community spaces residents can rely on. 

Rebuild is made possible by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax

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