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Kenney Administration (2016-2023)

Building a Philadelphia that works for every neighborhood with a focus on equity, opportunity, efficiency, and inclusion.

Kenney Administration (2016-2023)


On January 4, 2016, Jim Kenney was sworn in as the 99th Mayor of Philadelphia. In his first budget, Mayor Kenney worked closely with City Council to fund bold anti-poverty initiatives. The initiatives included the expansion of quality pre-k through PHLpreK; the creation of community schools; and investing in parks, recreation centers, and libraries through Rebuild Philadelphia. These initiatives were possible because Philadelphia became the first major city to pass a tax on sweetened beverages.

During his second term, the Kenney administration focused its efforts on responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic and continuing to strengthen every neighborhood by focusing on:

  • Improving educational opportunities and outcomes for all of Philadelphia’s children.
  • Investing in public spaces and programs so that every community can thrive.
  • Improving public safety for all Philadelphians while treating residents with respect and dignity.
  • Operating government efficiently and effectively while improving our City’s financial health.
  • Developing a diverse, inclusive, and responsive City workforce to meet the needs of all its residents, businesses, and communities.

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James Kenney
James Kenney
Mayor of Philadelphia
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