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To serve on a Community Trust Board or if you have other questions about Philadelphia Empowerment Zones please contact Aiisha Herring-Miller at 215.683.2152 or
Philadelphia Empowerment Zones (PEZ) build healthy, self-sufficient and safe environments by working with residents, business owners, and other stakeholders to raise the quality of life in their area. There are three PEZs: American Street, North Central, and West Philadelphia.

Community Trust Board

Each EZ has a Community Trust Boards (CTB). The CTBs consist of residents, business owners, and other experts and act as advisory boards on behalf of their respective neighborhoods to the City of Philadelphia. CTBs set funding priorities within an Empowerment Zone.

Interested in joining the Community Trust Board of these Empowerment Zones? Fill out an application and submit it to or by mail to:

Aiisha Herring-Miller
One Parkway Building, 1515 Arch Street – 12th Floor
Philadelphia PA 19102

Community Trust Board Application

American Street Empowerment Zone Scholarship Program

This scholarship assists youth residing in the American Street Empowerment Zone to pursue higher education or vocational training. The scholarships are up to $2,500 and cover tuition and room and board. See the guidelines for further eligibility requirements and application deadlines.

 ASEZ Scholarship Application and Guidelines  

Contact Sara Lepori at or 215.683.2045.

Neighborhood Funding Stream Program

In 2004 the Philadelphia Empowerment Zone created a project called the Neighborhood Funding Stream (NFS), a community endowment that makes annual grants in each PEZ neighborhood. Today, the Department of Commerce continues to manage programs funded by the NFS with the advisement of the Community Trust Boards. To date, the Neighborhood Funding Stream has approximately $24 million and invests 5% annually through economic development grants to the Philadelphia Empowerment Zone neighborhoods.

The grants fund activities and initiatives such as:
  • Tax Preparation and Financial Literacy
  • Workforce Development and Job Training
  • Commercial Development
  • Business Technical Assistance
  • Commercial Corridor Revitalization

Funding Opportunities by Zone

American Street Empowerment Zone
Periodically, the American Street Empowerment Zone CTB designates funds for non-profits and businesses within the Zone in the form of grants for activities and initiatives listed above. The following links provide more information on current opportunities for non-profits, businesses, and interested residents.

For Developers:
For non-profits (within or serving residents within the ASEZ):

For businesses:

North Central Empowerment Zone
For developers:

West Philadelphia Empowerment Zone
Grant funds pending allocation.

Funding Opportunities

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