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Air Management Services

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Air Pollution Control Board
City Code (§ 3-302 & § 3-902)

The Air Pollution Control Board advises the Department of Public Health on issues related to air quality in Philadelphia and promulgates regulations that protect air quality standards, control air contaminants, and establish air quality objectives.


3-19-15, 2-4 PM, Municipal Services Building, 1401 JFK Boulevard, 16th Floor, Room X


James W. Buehler, MD (Health Commissioner or Office Designate)
Joseph O. Minott, Esq. (Resident Householder)
Shannon P. Marquez, PhD (Resident Householder)
Eddie R. Battle (Transportation Management)
William C. Miller, PhD, PE (Equipment Designer/Installer)
Terry Soule (Fuel Expert)
Thomas V. Edwards, Jr. (Boiler Expert)
Arthur L. Frank, MD, PhD (Business Representative)