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October 2013 Customer Testimonials

Lady Operator

“The Agents are very informative and nice.”
-C. Shiver

“The Agents directed me in areas I didn’t even know about. Thank you, for being here.”
-Y. Clark

“The 311 agents are kind, courteous, and understanding.”

“ The Agents was very attentive and provided me with excellent customer service.”
-V. James

“This was my first time calling 311 and I was very pleased with the Service.”
-R. Boyden

“I use 311 services a lot…it is a good and helpful service.”
-L. Deshields

“I really appreciate Philly311 service, it is one of the better ways to improve Philadelphia.”
-P. Ellison

“The Agent was very helpful and pleasant. I give Philly311 10 stars for good service.”
-A. Brown

“I have always had success when using 311 service.”
-E. Walker

“Thank you 311, every time I need you, you go out of the way to get the number of information I need. You leave with a good feeling knowing the job is done.”
-N. Lewis