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Neighborhood Association Liaison
Become A Philly311 Neighborhood Association Liaison
A Program to Get Action for Your Neighborhoods Issues

Get Action for Your Neighborhood Association Issues
How many times have you sat in meetings where a board member or visitor brought up an issue that needed to be addressed by City of Philadelphia Government? The discussion could have been on a pothole that needed to be repaired, a defaced traffic sign that needed to be replaced or an unsightly property that needed to be cited. Sometimes the item is discussed for a long time taking away valuable time on your meeting agenda. As association leaders, you need a tool to immediately funnel these concerns into a program to get action! Recruiting a volunteer to serve as your association's Philly311 Neighborhoods Association Liaison could be the answer!

Recruit a Philly311 Neighborhood Association Liaison
At your next board meeting, recruit a volunteer to serve as your Philly311 Neighborhood Association Liaison.  This volunteer would attend all of your meetings and when a concern is voiced, they would record it and commit to entering it into the Philly311 system for action.

Get Started Now
The faster your recruit a liaison, the faster your neighborhood's concerns will be addressed! You can also invite Philly311 to be a guest speaker at one of your association meetings. Click here for more information regarding the Neighborhood Liaison Program.

311 mobileIf you or your newly recruited liaison have questions, please contact Philly311 at, dial 3-1-1, or look for our Mobile Squad at your neighborhood meeting.

Neighborhood Liaison Program Training Dates:

Stay tuned for future training offerings…

For more information call: 215.683.8686