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City of Philadelphia

Goods & Services (SS & E)

The City of Philadelphia utilizes formal and informal contracts for the procurement of its services, supplies, and equipment and awards to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. A responsive bidder submits a bid that conforms to all the requirements and criteria in the Invitation and Bid. A responsible bidder possesses the capability to fully perform the contract requirements in all respects and possesses the integrity and reliability to assure good faith performance.

Formal contract opportunities are competitively sealed bids with an expected value of $34,000 or more. Formal contract opportunities are newspaper advertised and available online. These competitive sealed bids undergo public bid openings. At the bid opening, all sealed bids are opened, pricing information is made available, and the bids are verified by a representative from the Office of the City Controller.

To learn more about upcoming SS&E formal bidding opportunities, click on the Bidding Opportunities button.

Informal contract opportunities are bids with an expected value that is under $34,000, but greater than $500. Typically, informal contract opportunities are processed as Small Order Purchases (SOPs). The City department, commission or board will solicit quotes for SOPs from vendors that are certified by the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) as minority, women or disabled owned businesses (“M/W/DSBEs”) and/or vendors registered with the U. S. Small Business Administration as a small business (SBA). If there are no certified OEO or SBA vendors that can provide quotes, quotations may be solicited from businesses that are not designated as a M/W/DSBE or SBA vendor.

To learn more about how OEO Certification, click on OEO located at

To learn more about how to register to be a SBA vendor, visit

SS&E Bid Overview

There are five (5) sections of a Services, Supplies, and Equipment Invitation and Bid.

Bidding Opportunities

Bid openings occur at 10:30 AM Philadelphia local time on the day of the scheduled opening. The bid room is located at:

City of Philadelphia Municipal Services Building
1401 JFK BLVD, Suite 170
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1685