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City of Philadelphia

SS&E Bid Overview

There are five (5) sections of a Services, Supplies, and Equipment Invitation and Bid.

Section 1: Contract Term, Fees, and LBE

The bid opening sections detail the contract term, applicable bidding fees, and the local bidding preference along with other administrative details such as contact person, site inspections, etc.

Contract Term
The time period for the initial contract, renewals, and options.

Annual Bid Security Program Fee of $100.
Bid Processing Fee of $25.
Performance Security Fees. Please note that some bids may require an individual performance bond.

Local Bidding Preference
For applicable bids of $1,000,000 or less, there is preference is ten percent (10%); for all other applicable bids the preference is five percent (5%).
Bidder must be certified at the time of bid opening and must submit the Local Business Entity Certification Number, as issued by the Procurement Department, with the bid.

Section 2: Bid Specifications

The bid specifications detail the physical or functional characteristics and/or the requirements of the service, supply or equipment.

The bid specifications outline:
• Service, Supplies and/or Equipment Details.
• Quantity, Unit of Measure, Number of Hours.
• How the item/service is to be delivered or performed.
• Warranty language.
• How the item/service will be priced.

Section 3: How the bid will be awarded

SS&E Bids are competitively sealed bids awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.

A Responsive Bidder is a bidder that submits a bid that conforms to all the requirements and criteria in the Invitation and Bid.

A Responsible Bidder is a bidder that possesses the capability to fully perform the contract requirements in all respects and possesses the integrity and reliability to assure good faith performance.

Section 4: Contract Management

The contract management section details the responsibilities of the City and the Vendor.

City Responsibilities
Firm Limit: Set determined quantity.
Requirements: As needed by City.
Purchase Orders: City’s ordering document.
Add-ons: Amend contract to include additional related items.

Vendor Responsibilities
Delivery: Set prescribe manner of delivery
Approval of Work: Approval by City of workmanship and quality
Invoices: Accurate and timely invoices
Prompt Payment to Subcontractors

Section 5: Pricing

Vendors should submit pricing as described in the Invitation and Bid. Below is a sample of the standard form of an SS&E bid’s pricing section.


5.1 Description
(Widget) (1) (LOT) $1.00 $1.00

$1.00 $1.00

Extended Total Bid Amount $1.00

(Unit Price X Quantities for all items bid).