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City of Philadelphia

Surplus Disposal

Pursuant to Section 8-203 of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, the Procurement Department is responsible for the disposition of any surplus or unserviceable personal property for all City departments, boards, commissions, and agencies.
Procurement endeavors to dispose of surplus property in a manner that encourages re-use and limits environmental impact. We do this in a variety of ways, including through online auctions, e-waste recycling. We also oversee various disposal contracts for the environmentally responsible disposal of waste oil, water re-waste, white metal, tin, cast iron, heavy iron, dirty aluminum, brass, and expended ammunition casings. Further, we oversee contracts and processes related to testing, repair, clean-up and final disposal of hazardous waste.

For online auctions, we utilize Municibid to advertize and conduct the auction process for much of the City’s surplus property. Auctions are open to the public. Click here to view the City’s current auctions.

"The City of Philadelphia's Procurement Department and e-waste recycling contract help us meet targets set in Greenworks, our comprehensive sustainability plan," said Katherine Gajewski, Director of Sustainability. "By critically engaging with what happens to City property, such as electronics, at the end of its useful life, we're helping to meet our Greenworks goal of diverting 70% of waste produced in Philadelphia from the landfill, and we're setting a great example of how organizations can examine the work they do and make it more sustainable."

If you are interested in learning more about the City’s Surplus Disposal program or you are a vendor who provides disposal services, please contact us.

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