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City of Philadelphia
  • PHLContracts, a web-based system for vendors interested in doing business with the City of Philadelphia, by submitting quotes on competitively bid contracts. [...]
  • Government Auctions of Government Surplus which includes; but not limited to, vehicles, office furniture, and other equipment. [...]
  • The Procurement Department offers Local Owned Business Enterprise. This certification offers incentives while bidding on City contracts. If you are a locally-based firm, apply here. [...]
  • The City's Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) offers a Registry program, to promote and foster the growth of minority, women, and disabled-owned businesses (M/W/DSBEs). [...]



Procurement Department’s web-based system to increase competition and transparency for the vendor community as well as improve controls and value for all stakeholders.

Goods & Services (SS&E)

The Services, Supplies and Equipment Division (SS&E) centrally purchases commodities required by City departments to provide their services to the public.

Public Works

Public Works bids are for the construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair or improvement of a public building, property, street, bridge, highway, or sewer.


Concession Agreements with the City of Philadelphia offer vendors the opportunity to provide goods and/or services on City property.

Special Services

The Special Services Unit provides various functions to other City agencies that include Advertising, Inspections and Asset Management.

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