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City of Philadelphia

Bid Specifications

Each Public Works bid invitation contains specifications that define the scope of work being purchased.
Architectural and engineering specifications and drawings form the basis of the Public Works bid specifications. At times, a bid invitation may list a formal numbered specification, i.e., one that provides precise description and detail as to the characteristics of the product being purchased. When a formal numbered specification is referenced, no deviation from the specification is permitted.

Unless otherwise specified, if catalogues, model numbers, trade names or cuts are included, they are for reference/informational purposes only. In such an instance, a bidder may offer an article that it certifies to meet or exceed the quality, performance and other essential characteristics of the referenced article. The operating department has the final decision on whether the offering is acceptable.

If in developing a bid, a vendor believes there is a problem with the correctness or fairness of the specification, the vendor should contact the operating department or the Public Information Unit before the scheduled bid opening. Vendor questions may result in the bid being modified/corrected prior to the bid opening via an addendum.

For Public Works bids, the law requires that each bid be accompanied by a Bid Bond in the amount of 10% of the gross amount of the bid. The Public Works specifications and requirements contain more detailed information on required bid security and bid bonds. The Bid Bond form can be found here.