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City of Philadelphia


PHLContracts Procurement Department’s web-based system to increase competition and transparency for the vendor community as well as improve controls and value for all stakeholders.

Electronic procurement, or eProcurement is efficient and cost-effective, benefiting vendors, the City and its taxpayers. eProcurement makes it easier for all vendors, especially minority-, women- and disabled-owned business enterprises, to search for and get alerted to bid opportunities—using standardized NIGP commodity codes.

When will the new system be implemented?

The "go-live" date is set for early to mid-fall, 2016

Will I have to pay to register in the new system?


Must I register in the new system to bid?

Yes. The City’s Procurement Department will reach out to vendors regarding registration requirements in mid to late August 2016. We will also post more information about the new system on our website,

I am already registered with the City of Philadelphia. Why must I register again?

We are doing our best to ensure the integrity of the data we have. However, business contacts change on a regular basis and we want to make sure we have the most up to date information on you and your business as we transition into a new and more efficient way of doing business with the entire vendor community.

I received a registration request from the City. Why do I need to respond to this request?

This request will assist you in starting the registration process required for you to bid through the new system. When launched, the new system will assist all of our vendors in submitting bids online, creating a more efficient and simple procurement process.

How will I get bid announcements in the future?

By registering in the new system, you will continue to receive alerts for contract opportunities through email. You will also be able to access bid announcements through our website. As required by City Charter, The Procurement Department will also continue to publicly advertise bids in one of the top three paid circulated newspapers in the City. 

I currently use eContract Philly to respond to contract opportunities with the City. Will this change?

No. For professional services opportunities, please continue to use the eContract Philly website. Only contracts currently advertised through the Procurement Department will be affected. This includes low bid services, supplies and equipment contracts, construction contracts, concession contracts, and scrap contracts.

What do you mean by “low bid contract”?

Contract opportunities where we are required by law to take the lowest priced “responsive and responsible” bid as the winning bid. To learn more about how the Procurement Department evaluates bids, go to:

Will the City share my information with for profit 3rd parties?


I don't have a computer. How will I respond to bids?

We will provide guidance to bidders with limited access to technology on how to bid with the City of Philadelphia.