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City of Philadelphia

Inmate Support

Inmate Information

The Philadelphia Department of Prisons works to recognize the warning signs of a suicidal individual and take them seriously.

If someone you care about is in custody and you believe they may be considering suicide, please call the jail directly or the Suicide Hotline at 215-686-4420.

Inmate Access

Access hours and rules, per Philadelphia Prisons System facilities. Check visiting times and requirements for all facilities.

Visiting Information

Frequently asked questions, requirements, and general information about visiting and accessing inmates.

Friends and Family

  • Place Funds for an Inmate

    Make inmate deposits, probation & parole payments or send email messages in the most efficient and secure manner possible.

  • Clothing Orders

    SecurePak is an on-line store that allows you to send clothing and gift bags to an inmate in the Philadelphia Prison System. Orders can be placed on-line.

  • AdvancePay

    To set up a pre-paid account, that will allow inmate phone calls, please use the AdvancePay system.