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City of Philadelphia

Emergency Solutions Grant

Rapid Re-housing




The City of Philadelphia has received an allocation of funding under the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) to provide Rapid Re-Housing services. Financial assistance and housing stabilization services are available to assist homeless households living in emergency housing and transitional housing facilities move into permanent housing in the community. The Office of Supportive Housing has subcontracted with three agencies to provide Rapid Re-housing services to households that meet the following eligibility criteria:

Eligible Participants / Heads of Households:
• Must be 18 years of age or older. If not 18 years old, must provide documentation of legal emancipation.
• Currently residing in emergency and transitional housing facilities, and referred through the OSH Rapid Re-housing Clearinghouse to a Rapid Re-housing provider.
• Clients “timing out” of scattered site transitional housing programs who could benefit from Rapid Re-housing assistance as a “bridge” to other permanent housing programs such as PHA conventional housing.
Household Size* 1 person 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 persons 6 persons
Per Year* $17,150 $19,600 $22,050 $24,450 $26,450 $28,400
*Income limits apply to recertification only

• Have the capacity to sustain their housing stability after receiving a maximum of 12 months of assistance.
• Need financial assistance for first month’s rent and/or security deposit and utility arrearage to move into subsidized housing.
• Households will contribute 30% of their monthly adjusted gross income towards rent.
• Attend monthly meetings with Housing Stabilization Specialist.

Ineligible Participants / Heads of Households:

• Households with limited capacity to increase their income and need long term (past 12 months) rental subsidies to sustain housing.
Assistance can include:

• Security deposits, rent arrearages, rent assistance, utility arrearages, and moving cost assistance.
(Up to 6 months of rental arrearage assistance and/or utility arrearage assistance can be provided. The arrearage months do not have to be recent or consecutive months. Rapid Re-housing agencies will determine eligible arrearage months during the assessment process)
• Twelve months of rental assistance
• Housing Counseling and Case Management
• Legal Assistance
• Credit Repair Counseling

Selected referring agencies will have the opportunity to submit Rapid Re-housing applications to the OSH Clearinghouse; all approved applications will be forwarded to the following providers:

1. Pennsylvania Community Real Estate Corporation (TURN)
21 S. 12th Street, Suite 1100
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Contact: Nicole Lawrence-White
(215) 940-3900 ext. 1226
Housing Singles and Families

2. Friends Rehabilitation Program
4750 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139
Contact: Terrine Anthony
(215) 747-2246 ext. 504
Housing Singles and Families

3. Congreso de Latinos Unidos
216 W. Somerset Street
Philadelphia, PA 19133
Contact: Hildaliz Escalante
(215) 763-8870 ext. 1446
Housing Singles and Families

OSH Contacts:

Bruce K. Johnson – Director of Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing
(215) 686-7127,

Yolanda Feaster – Program Manager
(215) 686-6753,