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Office of the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Working to build an inclusive government that looks like the City of Philadelphia.

Office of the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

What we do

The Kenney Administration is committed to building an inclusive government that looks like the City of Philadelphia. To that end, the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer makes recommendations over the long term that work to build a more inclusive City workforce related to race, ethnicity, disability, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

The Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer works with those in government and in the private sector to increase opportunities for all who have suffered from discriminatory practices. This includes reducing barriers in contracting so that every person and every business has the chance to succeed. It means supporting commerce in neighborhoods that have been harmed by unequal lending practices. Overall, it means leveraging Philadelphia’s talent and diverse culture to make our economy stronger.


City Hall
Room 215
Philadelphia, PA 19107


Nolan N. Atkinson, Jr.
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Nolan N. Atkinson, Jr., is the City of Philadelphia’s first Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer. Prior to his appointment by Mayor Kenney, Mr. Atkinson was a member of the Trial Practice group at Duane Morris and was appointed the firm’s Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer in 2007. His award-winning, innovative programs in the field of diversity have resulted in making the firm a more inclusive organization. Mr. Atkinson is the former chair and a founder of the Philadelphia Diversity Law Group, Inc., a group of law firms and corporations committed to increasing ethnic and racial diversity in Philadelphia’s larger law firms.


Name Job Title Email Phone # Social
Amber Hikes Executive Director of the Office of LGBT Affairs(215) 686-0330
Charles W. Horton, Jr. Executive Director and Accessibility Compliance Specialist(215) 686-4569
Brenna Schmidt Executive Assistant (215) 686-2150
Nefertiri Sickout Deputy Diversity and Inclusion Officer(215) 686-0810
Mary E. Stitt Deputy Diversity & Inclusion Officer(215) 683-2011
Claudia Tasco Constituent Services Coordinator(215) 686-2798
Evan Thornburg Deputy Director for Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs