Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Contracts Legislation Unit

The Contracts Legislation Unit (CLU) improves the way the City of Philadelphia handles contracts. It’s our job to review current contracting practices, making sure they follow City laws and legal requirements. We also want to make the contracting process efficient, effective, and user-friendly. To support departments, we help manage requests for proposals (RFPs) and professional services contracts. We also assist vendors as they apply for those contracts.

The CLU provides the following services to City departments and potential vendors:

  • Contracting consultation and training for departments
  • Posting of opportunities and management of the application process
  • Performance tracking for the contracting process
  • Compliance management with regard to Chapter 17-1400 of the Philadelphia Code

To learn about and apply for non-competitively bid contracts with the City of Philadelphia, please visit the eContract Philly website.

Contact information:
T. David Williams Jr., Esquire
Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
Director, Contracts Legislation Unit
Municipal Services Building
1401 JKF Boulevard, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 686-3499

Drew Menten
Assistant Chief Administrative Officer
Contract Management Analyst
(215) 686-6132

Davida Williams
ACIS Systems Administrator
(215) 686-1497